Vale Roth showed off her mom’s luxurious dream apartment at La Divina Comida

Valentina Roth received the rest of the guests of La Divina Comida in her mother’s luxurious dream apartment.

In the chapter that was broadcast this Saturday of the CHV cooking program, the dancer received her colleagues Piamaría Silva, Ángel Torrez and Kike Faundez.

Before beginning to prepare the dishes that she would present at night, Valentina opened the doors of her mother Katya Sorraco’s house and invited the program’s team to take a tour of the place.

The luxurious home of Valentina’s family caught our attention, on the one hand because of the spaciousness of the apartment but also because of the decoration of the place. The spacious living and dining room of the place, in addition to having a terrace with large windows.

After this, he showed the space he has for her in his mother’s house. The dancer shares a room with a sister, who drew attention to the childish tones and decoration.

The former gymnast’s mother also has a piano in her home and the dancer showed off the woman’s extensive collection of fairy figurines.

What stood out the most was the massage chair, which Valentina pointed out that she usually uses after exercising. Also, she showed the small gym that her mother has in her house.

Check out some pictures of Vale Roth’s mom’s apartment here:

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