Vale Roth gave details of their relationship: he referred to the possibility of having children

The former reality girl, Valentina Roth surprised after referring to her relationship, revealing what her future plans are with her partner.

Through her Instagram stories, the influencer resolved various doubts from her followers who consulted her about her relationship with Miguel de la Fuente.

Both answered all the questions where the young man declared himself “very committed” to Vale Roth, while users wanted to find out how they met, how they came to live together and if they plan to have children in the future.

“What happens is that I had a roommate, I lived with a friend and he went to live in Europe, so Vale was living alone, she was paying a lot and I told her ‘why don’t you come and live with me? (…) I spoke with the mother and told her, can you go live with me? I invited her to a meal so that she would stay calm, ”said the heartthrob, explaining how the idea of ​​moving in together was born.

They plan to build their family

“Do you plan to have children?” Asked a user to which he responded without problems. “Yes, it is that I am of an age to deserve, so yes. Apart from Vale, she is an excellent person and she will be an excellent mother because she is caring, affectionate, “said the 37-year-old man. “Oh no, how cute,” the influencer reacted.

“Who made the first move?” asked another follower. “This Miguelin brings them to him, I won’t even tell them,” wrote Vale Roth in the video where he revealed how he conquered her after meeting through mutual friends.

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