Unusual! They accuse a proxy of stealing the savings of a kindergarten to record a cumbia video clip

An unusual story was revealed in Recoleta, in Argentina, these days. A woman was accused by the parents of a kindergarten of stealing the savings to finance her own music video.

The parents of the minors raised about 100,000 Argentine pesos -equivalent to about 600,000 Chilean pesos- to buy shirts that the minors would wear at their graduation along with buying a gift for the teacher for his day.

As reported by the trans-Andean media TNJacquelin “Kiya” Santillán, the accused mother, was in charge of collecting the money, but when the payments were made, she disappeared. So the rest of her parents accuse her of having used money to pay for the recording of a video clip in which she sings cumbia.

The cumbia singer’s scam

“It all started in September, for Teacher’s Day. We started talking about the shirt and she offered one, she insisted to collect the money. Later, she insisted on the gift, ”said one of the scammed mothers to the program Nosotros a la Mañana.

However, after having the money, “Kiya” started making all kinds of excuses not to go to the garden. “The first week she said that her baby was sick, then she was sick, and the third week she disappeared,” added the other attorney.

After this, the rest of the parents realized that they had been scammed and began to look for the mother’s information.

It was there that they realized that the woman was a cumbia singer and that apparently, with the money collected, she would have financed her own music video, which is published on networks.

The mothers who accused the woman assured that “Kiya” had already defrauded other families with the same method. For what they denounced the singer on social networks.

After the case went viral, the accused sent an email to the school assuring that she felt “threatened” by the families of the rest of the minors.

Despite everything, the trans-Andean media assured that the money has not yet appeared.