Untouchable: the Mexican-American phenomenon considered “the group of the decade” by Billboard

Untouchable is considered one of the most powerful groups of recent times. The Mexican-American band is performing the last shows of its “Modus operandi” tour, which began in April of this year in Veracruz.

To understand the phenomenon, during all these they will complete a total of 60 locations, and they have just performed before more than 7 thousand people who packed the Arena San Marcos in the city of Aguascalientes in Mexico.

During their concert, the musicians showed their most recent single “Un poquito tuyo” live. The single was chanted by the thousands of attendees at the venue, as were other hits by the group such as “Teach me to forget”, “Aire” and “Coqueta”; among many others.


a group for love

One of the characteristics of Intocable are the romantic themes that their songs have, which has led the group to record 24 albums with which they have won two American Grammys and seven Latin Grammys.

During the concert, people also applauded two couples who decided to get engaged together with the music of the Texans who made clear the reason for the success they have obtained.

Untouchable have been named by Billboard magazine as “the group of the decade”. Emerged at the beginning of 1990, they were the pioneers in achieving the particular Texan-Northern sound that characterizes them. Fusing folk, cumbia, polka, pop and rock; something hard to match.