“Until someone puts the cu… between the centrals”: the curious recipe of “Bichi” Borghi to cure the problems of the “U”

Universidad de Chile disappointed once again: in its debut in the 2023 National Championship, the Blues lost at home, 1-3, against Huachipato, and continues to stretch the bad streak that had them fighting in the lower zone during the last contest .

Javier Altamirano, Cris Martínez and Maximiliano Rodríguez — Federico Mateos discounted — exposed each one of the defensive shortcomings of a team that failed to make a footing on the neglected Santa Laura field. In fact, one of those who had looked the best in defense so far, Nery Domínguez, now captain of the “U”, did not have his best afternoon.

“It’s the worst game I’ve seen him play,” said Marcelo Vega, for example, later in we are all technicians.

Bichi’s analysis

And in that same program, when doing the analysis, the one who took the floor to give his opinion was Claudio Borghi. The “Bichi” broke in to explain why, for him, the “U” suffers so much defensively and what has to change to get results:

“For me, (the “U” will continue to suffer) until someone does not put the cu… between the centrals. If a midfielder doesn’t help you… because today in the goal, Domínguez didn’t come out to the right trying to cover the middle”, explained the former Boca Juniors and Colo Colo coach.

And he completed: “If you have a ‘5’ that gets in there, he can move to the sides.”

In fact, Borghi suggested that the blues go for Lorenzo Reyes. He asked the rest of the panel: “Is the Chillán player still there?” But his companions explained to him that “Lolo” had already committed to continue in the “Mechanical Sausage”.