Unreal Engine laughs in the face of reality with this hyper-realistic shooter that I want to play now

We all know the tremendous potential of the motor Unreal Engine Thanks to examples like Superman in the Matrix or one too real train station. The creation tool Epic Games It has brutal capabilities when it comes to replicating reality. Of course, as long as the one who stands in front of the screen to create has a great talent.

Now, one of them has just appeared. Alexandre Spindler is the name of the technical artist who has set out to shape a hyper-realistic FPS in Unreal Engine. The result is so spectacular that it makes it clear that the engine no longer has anything to envy to the same reality.

I’m working on a body cam style game.

Alexander has placed the camera higher than we are used to in shooters and, above all, has given this point of view a sense of tremor. To increase the visual field has inserted a fisheye effect.

As you can see, the result is absolutely fabulous in the abandoned building that has been recreated. The shots and the rest of the sounds are at a high level and even the enemy he shoots down seems to be an actor. We can even see a small cloud of blood when the bullets hit him.

Alexander wanted to thank all the support received since he uploaded the video and will share more information about your project soon. while you can give him your support and see other of his works.