Universidad de Chile prepares and wants to be a protagonist in 2023

University of Chile ended the year far from the expectations they had at the beginning of 2022, the blues once again fought not to be relegated, and despite the fact that they remained in First division, there are few positive things to rescue. From Azul Azul they are already projecting the next season with the intention of reinforcing the squad and regaining prominence.

the DT

After the departure of Sebastián Miranda, the blue leadership began the search to have a new technical director as soon as possible. Juan Jose Ribera Y Mariano Soso are the options that sound the strongest in the CDA, however, the Argentine took the lead after a important meeting with members of the board of the U.

those who arrive

The first blue reinforcement for the 2023 season is the former Curicó Unido, Juan Pablo Gomezwho already signed a two-year contract in the Romantic Traveler. “For me it is a huge challenge to wear the U shirt. An immense personal challenge. I am convinced that things are going to be much better next year and that Universidad de Chile is going to get back on its feet”, declared the player.

Gómez is the only reinforcement confirmed so far, since the new technical director still needs to be defined to know what direction the team will take.

In addition, it must be considered that Nahuel Luján, Camilo Moya, Simón Contreras, Jeison Fuentealba, Rodrigo Cancino, Lucas Alarcón, Marcelo Cañete, José Gatica and Nelson Espinoza will return to Universidad de Chile after the end of their loan.

They do not follow

The Azul Azul board of directors ended the relationship with several players. One of the most important names was that of Junior Fernandeswho left for Croatia on vacation before defining his future.

Alvaro Brun, who came from Uruguayan soccer, also signed his settlement and ceased to be part of the blue squad. “It becomes difficult when there is no clear idea of ​​what you want to do and that is what the U has to work for what is coming,” the defender told TNT Sports.

Added to the list Martin Parrathe young goalkeeper will leave after his loan expires.

Secondly, pablo aranguiz He ends his contract with the U in 2023 but the blue leaders want to unlink him and transfer him to Ñublense, however, from the board of directors they affirm that DT will have the last word.

The rumors

Despite the fact that there is only one confirmed reinforcement, Bulla has a folder with possible names to continue lining up the squad.

One is German Brahian, Uruguayan midfielder who had a great season in Argentine football. “Obviously it would be nice to go to the U, but I’m outside and I don’t know much, I know there were polls, but I told my agent not to tell me anything until I come back,” Aleman said in a conversation with Bolavip.

Another one that excites the boisterous fans is Marcelo Diaz. After finishing his contract with Libertad de Paraguay, Carepato uploaded a story to Instagram that excited the blues. However, the CDA has not yet accelerated the incorporation of him. Meanwhile, Unión Española remains attentive to the movements of the midfielder.

In addition, Universidad de Chile is behind the steps of Fabian Torresone of the stars of Audax Italiano and Bayron Oyarzowho will play the Copa Libertadores with Curicó Unido, so his arrival will not be easy.

During the last hours, the U targeted Bastian Yanez21-year-old player who stood out in Unión Española during the season.

Universidad de Chile still has a lot of work to do in the transfer market, it is expected that with the new DT the blue team will finish forming for the 2023 National Tournament.