Ultra solo: Messi has an exclusive piece in the concentration of Argentina in Qatar

Lionel Messi He has the attention of the whole world on his shoulders. There is no one who does not place a high degree of expectations regarding what the PSG star can achieve in the World Cup. Or, more specifically, that it does not require him to lift the highest trophy that football awards to swell the palmares of Argentina and, perhaps, to unbalance the historic dispute with Diego Maradona in his favor. However, even though he is surrounded on all sides, The Flea sleeps alone in Qatar. Or, more precisely, without any partner in the room. It occupies the B-201, module 1 of the university that bears the name of the host country. All the surrounding ones are occupied by more than one guest. In other words, the PSG star is the only one who enjoys the prerogative.

However, in this case, it is not possible to speak of a privilege or of some position close to divismo. The personality of the PSG star is well known and is far from this type of demonstrations. The explanation is eminently practical. Or, if you like, the consequence of a decisive movement in the selection led by Lionel Scaloni.

Lionel Messi, upon his arrival in Doha (Photo: Reuters)

The flea I used to share a room with Sergio Agüero. Kun is one of the great friends that he has generated in football, but he is no longer part of the Albiceleste. Heart problems made it advisable for him to abandon the practice of sport and, these days, his hours are divided between his work as a commentator and those that he uses for streaming. In fact, it has generated a peculiar format that mixes both concerns.

Further back, Messi also had stellar roommates. In Argentina they remember, for example, that for the World Cup in South Africa he slept in the same bedroom as Juan Sebastián Verón. The explanation, as usually happens in this type of situation, had to do with essential reasons: first, personal affinity and, then, the need to gain experience on the part of who, until then, was one of the players with the longest history.

There is another: Diego Maradona, then coach of the Argentine team, sought to protect him by putting one of the most influential elements of the squad at his side..