U de Chile, players on loan in 2022: how did it go

University of Chile forgets a very poor 2022 season, in which he again fought to avoid relegation, seeking to be the protagonist again. The Traveling Romantic has a tough mission ahead of 2023, where they are forced to reclaim their place as a big team.

The student cast again paid for clerical errors and had three coaches on their bench last year. This ended with the squad mentally exhausted, in addition to failures on the field, where the best thing was having reached the semifinal of the Copa Chile.

Now, already thinking about 2023, Universidad de Chile reviews the documents and looks at the players who are on loan. Several figures shone in their current teams in the last season and are excited about a return to the CDA to fight for a new opportunity.

The name that added the most minutes outside of Bulla, to the surprise of many, is Lucas Alarcón. The defender reached a total of 1,938 wearing the colors of Deportes La Serena, although things ended in the worst way after being relegated to Primera B.

In second place on the list stands out another of the young talents from Universidad de Chile José Gatica had a leading role in the last Santiago Morning campaign, finishing in 14th place in the Primera B standings and reaching 1,570 minutes in the basketball court.

Below them is Marcelo Cañete, who did not live up to expectations in his first year with the U and went on loan to Huachipato. With the Steelers he added a total of 932 minutes, although finishing far from any international option or titles in our country.

The case apart among the entire list of loaned in the Romántico Viajero is that of Camilo Moya. The midfielder left after Diego López did not consider him and, although initially it was for a few months, he managed to disassociate himself from the club to follow his own path. However, the 1,032 minutes of him on the field and the classification, for now, with O’Higgins to the Copa Sudamericana stand out.

Universidad de Chile is waiting to get a new coach and thus think about the 2023 project. Whether any of the players will be considered on loan is still unknown, but for now the numbers of some speak for themselves.

Check out how the players on loan from Universidad de Chile fared in 2022

National Championship

Camilo Moya: after being cut by Diego López, he left for O’Higgins, where he reached 1,032 minutes. However, despite having gone out on loan, he asked to end their bond early and thus keep the pass in his possession.

Marcelo Canete: Without space on the campus at the beginning of the year, he went to Huachipato, where he also failed to stand out as he wanted. He finished 12th in the standings, totaling 932.

Lucas Alarcon and Jeison Fuentealba: The defender landed at Deportes La Serena in the middle of last year and since then he has earned a place as a starter, achieving in 2022 the highest number of minutes among those on loan, with 1,938. The case of the midfielder was different, since despite the effort, he only managed 419. Both descended to Primera B.

First B

Jose Gatica: the young striker had left the club to seek continuity and boy did he find it in Santiago Morning, where he added a total of 1,570 minutes. Although the club did not do well and, despite being saved from relegation, he was in the last places.

Simon Contreras: Pitu is the most emblematic case of all those who came out with Diego López. Together with the University of Concepción, he managed to reach 275 minutes in the second round and qualify for the league to fight for promotion.

Nelson Espinoza: The goalkeeper still belongs to the records of the U, but the last season he did it in Deportes Copiapó, where he barely added 90 minutes. Of course, his team also got into the league.


Nahuel Lujan: The striker is one of the players who hopes to define his future. After passing through Agropecuario, where he reached 825 minutes, he now waits to find out what will happen.