Two months with the Galaxy Fold 4, Samsung’s most advanced folding smartphone

We have tested almost two months the Samsung Galaxy ZFold 4. We have placed a special emphasis on this terminal, in addition to being an expensive phone (it starts at 1,799 euros) because it is not easy to trust new technology such as folding screens, and it is normal that there are many doubts about whether it is worth the disbursement.

During these weeks, we have specially checked the resistance of the phone. After all, a folding screen is not a glass screen, and it does not offer the same level of durability. In fact, it is still plastic, so if we have the opportunity to touch a folding screen, we will realize that if we press with a fingernail, it will probably leave a small temporary indentation.

In addition, we all have the memory of those first folding terminals that Samsung released, which had so many dust problems under the screen.


The technology assures that it has notably increased the hardness of the Fold 4, and during these seven weeks the phone has dropped on us on occasion, more than we would like to admit, and anyone who says that he never drops his phone, lie. Precisely, we have not put a cover on it to check the durability of its aluminum casing, and right now it does not have a single scratch.

The second important point of the Galaxy Fold 4 is that it is IPX8I mean, it’s not resistant to dust, only to water, but we’ve carried it in our pocket all this time, it’s always full of fibers and lint, and the screen is pristine, no dirt under the screen. screen. The bristle system on the hinge that prevents dust from entering works.

In terms of use, the Fold 4 has a double screen: a front AMOLED with a very long 6.2-inch format and an internal 7.6-inch folding AMOLED. Once unfolded, the large screen allows you to enjoy applications that look spectacular, despite the square format.

The key is to unfold

Although the outer screen could be a problem because of its 16:9 aspect ratioActually, the time we have used it has been minimal, basically to read notifications or check a quick email. If we are going to use the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for more than 10 seconds, we will end up unfolding the folding screen, since it is very comfortable, not only for multimedia content, such as YouTube or Netflix, but also for reading emails, WhatsApp or social networks, regardless of where let’s do it

Summarizing, the outer screen is not relevant because we will use the interior 90% of the time. When asked if the folding screen retains the ‘wrinkle’ at the height of the hinge, yes it does, and it does not improve over time, but in all honesty, it does not harm the experience with it.

Another important aspect of the screen is the great work that Samsung has done so that we can take advantage of its large size and format. For example, the keyboard that might seem awkward at first is split in two, and typing is even faster than on a traditional phone.

Multitasking is the star of the Fold 4, that is, having several applications open at the same time. This is easy thanks to several menus that the phone has, one on the side and one on the bottom in which we can drag, drop and start different applications at the same time. When it comes to productivity, the Fold 4 is unmatched.

Usually, the experience with the folding screen has been very positive, represents a great qualitative leap thanks to its size. In fact, those people who travel and carry a phone and a tablet, especially to consume multimedia content, may have enough with the Fold.

flex system

Let’s talk a little about the Flex system that Samsung has developed for its two foldables, taking advantage of the book-like appearance that the hinge gives them. For example, we have used it continuously for video conferencing and thanks to the fact that we can simply fold it and focus the camera towards us by resting it on any surface, we have been able to carry it out without having to hold the phone.

Flex mode also allows us to play a lot with the camera, for example, leaving the phone supported we can take photos with the timer, or use the rear camera in selfie mode previewing the external screen. The positions that this format allows are almost infinite, and it is up to the user’s creativity to fully exploit them.

good cameras

Regarding the cameras, it is the set of the Samsung Galaxy S22, that is, the best on the market, with one of the best 12-megapixel three-magnification telephoto lenses that we have tested. Not to mention the 50 megapixel main lens, OIS, and the 12 megapixel wide angle. The internal ‘selfie’ camera is reserved for video calls, and offers a modest 4 megapixel resolution, more than enough for its function, and the external front camera is 10 megapixels, although we have made little use of it.

The Flex format has a negative point, and that is that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cannot be opened with one hand. Although, in practice, when we are going to consume content with the screen open we will always want to use both hands, one to hold the terminal, the other to handle it, so, basically, we cannot say that it is really a failure.

Regarding the size, it is not that the double screen is very noticeable, obviously it is thicker than a normal phone and somewhat heavier, but it is not an exaggeration either, that is, you can carry it perfectly inside your pocket and forget that you have a dual-screen phone. Of course, if we go from a very light phone, we will probably notice it, but compared to a traditional phone with a 6-inch screen, the difference is not abysmal.

In short, we liked the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a lot. It is a great phone with a high price, to which we could not blame practically anything, it has fantastic cameras, a large screen, more than enough Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 power and autonomy for the whole day. Obviously we would like that slit in the middle of the folding screen to disappear, but as we already mentioned, it is not something that bothers. The price starts at 1,799 euros.