Twitter started rolling out its “For You” tab on iOS

For better or for worse, some social networks continue to implement new functions inspired by the interface and features of TikTok. So while Instagram continues to try to push Reels, now Twitter will have its own “For You” section.

This week the social network that belongs to Elon Musk announced that it will start implementing its new start on iOS that has two tabs: “For You” and “Following”.

As you can deduce in “Following” you will be able to see tweets just as you do now, reviewing your timeline only with posts from the people you follow (and the occasional promoted ones). all while Under “For You” Twitter will show you posts it thinks you’ll like.

“See the Tweets you want to see. Starting today on iOS, swipe between the tabs to see ‘For You’ Recommended Tweets or Tweets from accounts you’re ‘Following’. The ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ tabs replace ‘Home’ and ‘Last’ and will be pinned to the top of your timeline so you can easily switch between them. Swipe to switch between timelines instead of tapping on the icon”Twitter explained.

If they use TikTok, it will probably be clear to them that the algorithm of the social network is quite fast and precise to determine what interests us, so we will have to see how this proposal by Twitter will work, which for now will only be available to iPad and iPhone users. .

But something that we can start to think about is the new plan that Elon Musk would be considering and it would consist of selling popular usernames.

According to a report from The New York Times, “Twitter employees have been in discussions about selling some usernames for the service since at least December.” For now, it is unknown what usernames would be sold and what the cost of those @ would be, however, this idea would be in line with the intentions that Musk has expressed to “liberate” some names on the social network.

However, before you begin to consider which name you would like to purchase, it should be noted that this plan is only being considered and may not come to fruition.