Tremendas encourages interest in STEM areas

With more than 40 people, including students, teachers and municipal school authorities, the “Conversation with STEM Women” was held in Ñuñoa, organized by the Tremendous Foundation to bring girls and adolescents closer to these areas of knowledge (science, technology, engineering and mathematics for its acronym in English) and that, despite recent advances, are still preferred by more men than women.

The importance of this activity lies in the fact that, according to figures from the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, only one in four women chooses to pursue a career in STEM areas, despite representing more than half (53%) of enrollment in higher education, and that 19% of all graduates of these study plans are women.

Promoting STEM careers and female participation

In the instance, where the mayor of Ñuñoa, Emilia Ríos, also participated, the astronomer and National Prize for Exact Sciences, Mónica Rubio, the doctor in Biological Sciences and academician María Josefina Poupin and the biologist and science communicator Macarena Rojas, presented, and was presented and moderated by the activists of Tremendas Mourinne Iraola, Daniela Espinoza and Liliana Peña.

“Boys and girls can contribute to science. There are academics and professors who are constantly looking for spaces for students. Many times we, since we were children, do not raise our hands in class, even knowing much more than our classmates, and generating these spaces gives us hope,” said Mayor Emilia Ríos at the beginning of the event.

The scientists, in about 40 minutes of conversation, told the attendees about the challenges and problems that different generations of women have experienced when deciding to pursue a scientific career. “Everything I did had to do with developing a passion, that innate curiosity that for some reason the school system is losing. Talent and abilities have no gender, that women do not dedicate themselves to STEM areas is a cultural issue. If they have that interest and that motivation, they will achieve it,” said astronomer Mónica Rubio.

For her part, the biologist and master’s degree in journalism, Macarena Rojas, urged those attending the discussion not to follow conventional careers.

“It is difficult to navigate interdiscipline, but we all contribute from different sides. Make the combinations you want because that’s the most entertaining. Women think differently and if we continue to solve only with the eyes of men we will not get anywhere else.

“I like to convey that you don’t have to be exceptional to be a scientist. It has to do with curiosity, commitment. As difficult as it is, there is a payoff that it is something you like. Feel as extraordinary as the person next to you and feel the desire, the energy that you are capable of. The talent is there, we have to make it arrive, discover it and promote it”, biologist Josefina Poupin motivated the attendees.

Directors of educational establishments from Ñuñoa were also present at the conversation, so that they continue to promote interest in these areas among their students. Likewise, the activists of Tremendas reinforced the message towards the new generations. “We have to lay the foundations for our future, it is no coincidence that we find ourselves here. Here we meet the next generations of scientists and meeting will allow us to eliminate spaces with violence and discrimination”, said Mourinne Iraola, activist in the STEM area of ​​the foundation.

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