Transfer market | U. de Chile 2023: reinforcements, who arrives, who leaves and latest news, December 9

University of Chile He is still thinking about the 2023 season, but suffered a setback in the transfer market. Ronald de la Fuenteone of the cards that the blues had for the position of left back, will continue in Curicó Unido.

The Curicana squad rejected the two offers made by Azul Azul for the player and apparently the university students have already given up hiring him. De la Fuente wanted to have a rematch in a big team, after passing through Colo Colo, and made his releases on social networks.

“I still believe in the word of the people. As they say out there, it is more important than a role”, wrote the side in an Instagram story. “Or maybe I’m wrong and what they say is just out of mouth for their convenience”closed in a clear message to the tortera leadership.

U. de Chile 2023: reinforcements and who arrives

Juan Pablo Gomez, figure of Curicó in the season that has just ended, is already a reinforcement of Mauricio Pellegrini. The winger was the first confirmed signing. To him was added Leandro Fernandez, the star player of the next season. The footballer was released in Independiente de Avellaneda and was presented this Wednesday, the same day he arrived in the country. Federico Mateos would be the third to join.

At the same time, Azul Azul evaluates other options: sebastian perezCatholic University goalkeeper, and Matias Zaldivia, former Colo Colo central defender, are on the list of the sports manager, Manuel Mayo. The nationalized Chilean advanced in the negotiation, but does not convince the entire board of directors. Injuries have complicated the last years of his career and criticism has arisen over his past in Macul.

U. de Chile 2023: casualties and who would leave the club

So far, there are two confirmed departures: Junior Fernandes and Álvaro Brun said goodbye and Mauricio Pellegrino is aware. Ronnie Fernández, Pablo Aránguiz, Felipe Seymour, Ignacio Tapia and Jeisson Vargas could be added to them. The directive is already working on it and for now, the most advanced case is Aránguiz, who could leave for Ñublense.