Transfer market Primera B 2023: reinforcements, who arrives, who leaves and latest news, December 10

Follow all the news of the Ascent in the Current transfer market, updated until today, Saturday December 10. Two ex selected Sub 20 They were announced in teams from the capital.

These are defender Alejandro Contreras and midfielder Franco Ragusa, who were part of La Roja Sub 20 led by Mario Salas. The defender was even nominated for the 2013 World Cup in Turkey, while the player trained at Everton de Viña del Mar participated in the South American game played in Argentina.

Contreras, who had a stint at the University of Chile from mid-2016 to the end of 2018, He was announced as a new reinforcement of Santiago Morning, a club in which he had already played in the 2021 season. The one trained in Palestine, was in Deportes Temuco during the 2022 Ascent. This Friday he closed his return to the Bohemian team.

Ragusa, meanwhile, signed with Deportes Recoleta, becoming the sixth reinforcement for the 2023 season. The player who arrives from the University of Concepción records steps through Cobresal, Zamora from Spain, Deportes Concepción and Barnechea.

The last movements in the B

For its part, Puerto Montt renewed the coach Erwin Duran, while Juan José Luvera was announced in La Serena. San Marcos de Arica, meanwhile, announced the former Transandino Alberto Hernández and Bastián Araya. In the south, Temuco, is close to signing the goalkeeper Maximilian Velasco, who belongs to Cobreloa, while Oscar Ortega has become one of the most valued players: Rangers and Cobreloa are looking for him.

Cobreloa 2023: reinforcements and departures

After the debacle experienced before Copiapo in the end of the promotion league, the loíno cast will experience a profound restructuring. Yes ok Emiliano Astorga was confirmed on the bench, there are 14 players who have finished their contracts, among them Matías Cano, Bastián San Juan, Maximiliano Cerato, Axl Ríos and Eduardo Farías, permanent holders. Also, Jorge Espejo aroused the interest of Unión Española. About reinforcements, Oscar Ortega and Nicolás Gauna are the names in folder.

Furthermore, in the last few days Nicolás Maturana exploded against the Loína leadership. “I find it the worst thing in the world to tell a person that they are no longer at work through a WhatsApp message”he said in reference to the way in which some colleagues found out that they were not in the plans for the new tournament.

Wanderers 2023: reinforcements and departures

The caturros opted for the Uruguayan DT Francisco Palladino and they already add four signings: Milton Alegre, Sebastián Martínez, Jorge Gatica and Juan Ignacio Duma. Also, Andrés Barboza, Uruguayan defender of Fénix, is another name in folder