Transfer market | Colo Colo 2023: reinforcements, who arrives, who leaves and latest news, December 4

Follow all the news from Colo Colo in the current transfer market, updated until today, Sunday December 4. The ‘Cacique’ confirmed two reinforcements and now he is going for more. Daniel Morón’s management is already working on it.

Colo Colo 2023: reinforcements, signings and who could arrive

So far, Gustavo Quinteros’s squad has announced the arrival of Fernando de Paul and Ramiro González. The first was summoned in the matches against Betis and the second signed his contract this week.

Others will join them, as Colo Colo is looking for a replacement for Gabriel Costa and an alternative for Juan Martín Lucero. For those two positions, Morón delivered a list of eight names to the Blanco y Negro board of directors: Carlos Auzqui, Sergi Santos, Matías Moya and Derlis González are some of the names analyzed.

The second ‘9′ of Colo Colo will start between Ignacio Jeraldino and Leandro Benegas. The first had gained strength due to the link that the second still has with Independiente de Avellaneda, but the situation took a turn again. The former Coquimbo does not generate consensus in the board and could be ruled out. Thus, in Macul they will wait for Benegas to be released to try to secure his signing.

Colo Colo 2023: casualties and who leaves

Matías Zaldivia and Carlo Villanueva were the first casualties of Colo Colo 2023, after they did not renew their relationship with the institution. To them, the goodbye of Gabriel Costa, who received a better offer from Alianza Lima: will be the highest paid footballer in the local league.

Omar Carabalí will go on loan and Unión La Calera is the main interested party. The cast of Gerardo Ameli submitted a formal request to take it away. The situation is similar to the case of Cristian Zavala, who has offers to leave. One of them is from FC Juárez de México. However, it is not yet clear if Quinteros will have him or not for next season.

Gabriel Suazo and Brayan Cortés remain uncertain. The two selected want to make a leap to Europe and await concrete proposals. The first already has approaches with clubs in Brazil and in the ‘Cacique’ they assume his departure.