Tragedy in the United Kingdom: woman died mid-flight and her family had to travel with the body for eight hours

The unfortunate story occurred on August 5, when Helen Rhodes, a 46-year-old British woman, lost her life in flight while traveling back to the United Kingdom with her family, after living 15 years in Hong Kong.

It is speculated that the woman died in her sleep, probably due to a heart attack, while she was with her two children Nathan and Emma, ​​and her husband Simon.

The family had to leave the body in Frankfurt, Germany, where the plane landed, and continue the traumatic journey to the UK without her.

“This loss is unimaginable”

“For the remaining eight hours of the flight, Helen fell asleep breathlessly in her seat. Despite all her efforts, she could not be revived. All of this unfolded in front of her children,” a friend of the woman wrote on the GoFundMe page.

This page was created close to the family and has charitable purposes, as it seeks money to repatriate the body from Germany.

“This loss is unimaginable. Helen was a devoted wife and mother. She was the glue that held her family together,” the insider added, according to “The Guardian.”

For its part, the British Foreign Ministry reported that it is “supporting the family of a British woman who died on a flight to Frankfurt and we are in contact with the local authorities.”

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