Tour Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World With This New Preview Video

Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World has welcomed a handful of theme park enthusiasts and the press, giving us our first official look at the Nintendo-themed attraction.

Attractions Magazine (opens in a new tab) was one of the attendees invited to spend time at the park, the first Super Nintendo World attraction to open outside of Japan. You can see some of the views in the following video:

Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino reminded visitors that the Hollywood attraction doesn’t feature Japan’s Yoshi ride, but confirmed that “pound for pound, you’ll get the same ride experience” as the Japanese park.

“In terms of the trip itself, [there is] no difference,” Corfino said (thanks, VGC (opens in new tab)).

“In terms of how we had to adapt some of the tail lines, it’s just different in that the setup is different. They still have the same areas; They’re just laid out a little differently because the space is different.”

Attractions magazine said that he “was left with a very positive impression of what [it had] seen so far” in the attraction, adding, “The remarkable visual design aside, the real emphasis here seems to be on gameplay and exploration, and for me that’s always been what both video games and games are about.” Theme Parks: Making Nintendo and Universal Studios a Perfect Combination”.

Super Nintendo World officially opens on February 17, 2023, though Annual Pass holders get early access and can visit starting on January 29.

Nintendo confirmed that Super Nintendo World would be coming to the US (opens in a new tab) on Mario Day last year (March 10 / “March 10”), causing park-goers to be able to play real life versions of your favorite Nintendo games.

According to the official statement, the park will be “a visual spectacle of vibrant colors and architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of ​​the theme park, featuring an innovative ride and interactive areas for the whole family to enjoy.” He adds: “Themed shopping and restaurants will enhance the entire experience.”

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