Total madness in Argentina!: Fans throw themselves into the National Team bus and players could not reach the Obelisk

More than five million Argentines went to the center of Buenos Aires this Tuesday to wait for the arrival of the Scaleneta with the World Cup. However, the chaos prevented the advance of the open-top bus carrying the team.

It was Chiqui Tapia himself, president of the Argentine Football Federation, who confirmed the interruption of the caravan carrying the players led by Lionel Messi, due to security problems. Trans-Andean media reported that the Qatar 2022 champions had to leave by helicopter.

“They don’t let us get to greet all the people who were at the Obelisk, the same Security agencies that escorted us, don’t allow us to move forward. A thousand apologies on behalf of all the Champion players. A pity, ”wrote the leader.

they jumped on the bus

One of the moments that is going around the world is when a couple of fans jump from a bridge onto the bus that takes the world champions. One of them is even seen falling violently to the ground. At the moment, the state of health of that person is unknown.

The festivities in the Ché capital have not stopped since Sunday, with a crowd that only grew in the heart of the city. Argentine authorities have reported falls from streetlights and a risky climb of fans to the top of the Obelisk.