“Too much Pinochet…”: Claudio Narea’s acid criticism of Deputy Camila Flores

Deputy RN Camila Flores explained her rejection of a new Constitutional Convention. Incidentally, she announced that “they don’t have my vote for that.”

“My vote will not be available to once again support a failure such as the Constitutional Convention,” said the parliamentarian.

Through a video that went viral on her social networks, the legislator specified that “if the constitutional process is going to continue, for that there must be a plebiscite that consults the citizens about the mechanism they want to have a new Constitution”.

“I will not take a false step in supporting with my vote a Constitutional Convention that already had its chance and that failed. Again, I am not available for that, ”she stressed.

The video, which was widely shared on Twitter, generated all kinds of comments. “You don’t have to ask the people about the mechanism, you just have to ask the sovereign if he wants a new constitution or wants to keep the current one”, “With these types of videos they drop the discourse to the right of ‘let’s reject to create a new’. If they were divided with a new CC, why didn’t they inform the population? and “There cannot be a plebiscite on what has already been approved: a new constitution. Only a new constitution remains, ‘one for all’, which was what the rejection promised to its voters and on the fringe. In other words, nobody will ask for your vote”, were some of the reactions.

However, among the responses, the singer Claudio Narea stood out, who unfiltered himself against the deputy.

“Too Pinochet to be taken seriously,” wrote the former member of Los Prisioneros.

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