Tonka Tomicic made an intimate confession regarding her sex life: “Obviously I have done it”

This Friday a new chapter of the Youtube program of the cheerleader Tonka Tomicic on aspects of privacy was released, “We have to talk about sex”, and a specific topic arose about a practice carried out on the digital plane.

The episode was attended by four guests, the drag queen Darcy la Divina, the dancer Leona Urbina, the drag queen Darcy la Divina, the sexologist Karen Figueroa and the actor Matías Vega, who asked him if he has done “sexting”.

“I find it super entertaining to send each other videos, photos… Obviously I have.” said the also model, in addition to commenting on sites for sell erotic content as Only Fans.

“But already having a page seems to me that they are big words, because you have to feel very good and be very sure of yourself.”

They also asked what does he show in a photograph he sends, to which he responded between laughs “Okay, one always sends a (selfie) from above, as well as in a curve”.

To close the issue, Tomicic detailed his preference for sending text by saying that the “words are more erotic than images”: “Words can be a universe, in all kinds of things. Writing is very sensual.”