Toby Awards 2022: reinforcement of the “U” receives one of the funniest awards of the night

Just a couple of days before we go to the 2023 National Championship, in we are all technicians They dressed up this Wednesday night to honor the best —and worst— of last season at the eye-catching awards Toby Awardsled, of course, by the once-talented midfielder Marcelo Vega.

And one of the most disputed awards —and why not, perhaps the most anticipated— of the night was the so-called Fouillioux Prize. What did it consist of? In crowning the most “attractive” player in local football. And the name, of course, is in relation to the program’s journalist, Gonzalo Fouillioux.

The candidates to stay with him were Juan Pablo Gómez, right back who came to the “U” from Curicó Unido; Clemente Montes, a figure from the Catholic University; Christian Santos, a former Colo Colo player, and Juan Martín Lucero, a striker who has just left the white team controversial.

In a close vote, the one who finally prevailed was the 31-year-old defender, who would purposely keep the starting position in the squad now led by Mauricio Pellegrino.

“Guys, thanks for the award. I cannot be present to receive it, but I send you a big hug”, Gómez replied from the CDA, in a short video.

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