To talk about more: Guarello attacks Nico Castillo for trashing Toselli

It seems that not everyone is happy with the change of Cristopher Toselli. One of them was Nicholas Castillowho through his stories on Instagram uploaded a quote from the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano to hit the former crusader with a stick.

However, it was he who came out of the situation shorn, as Juan Cristóbal Guarello would have some acid words for the striker.

“The other one who skated again was Nicolás Castillo, quoting Galeano, that they must have told him that, insinuating about Toselli,” the sports commentator began through Deportes Agricultura, according to details. bolavip.

“Toselli left Católica a long time ago, in addition to Castillo looking for a club, dedicated to playing. He dedicates himself to attacking his compañeros, the people who lived in the dressing room of La Roja and of the UC. That kid plays with eight players, he always lacks three, he has problems ”he added.

To top it off, Guarello reminded Castillo of his situation with his brother “barrabrava who does marketing business with merchandising with products related to the Catholic Church, I don’t know if they will be counterfeit or not, and they squeezed journalists when they spoke ill of Castillo. When he came out champion with Buonanotte and that team, Castillo never spoke to the press and never gave a wedge, he was super heavy, super aggressive and he always played for the baboons and well for a reason his career exploded as it did, it went so well for him” , sentenced.