To break it, crack: Colo-Colo secured the goals for the 2023 season

The Eternal Champions seek to revalidate their degree obtained before the University of Chile and return with everything to the international arena.

Colo-Colo Female also continues to search for new signings for the 2023 season. With the need to compete for a new Libertadores Cupthose directed by Louis Mena they intensify the hiring of new soccer players and the renewal of the contract with the pillars of the team.

Between January 18 and 19, the leadership of Blanco y Negro made official the extension of the link with five colocolinas. Is about Elisa Durán and Margarita Collinaowhich will continue in Macul for two more years, and Isidora Olave, Nicol Sanhueza Y Maria Jose Urrutiawhich will do so for a season.

But late in the afternoon of this Thursday, it was up to Javiera Grezanother of the goalscorers and benchmark of the Las Albas women’s squad, which was made official together with the sports manager, Daniel Moron.

Javiera Grez extended her contract with the Eternal Champions.

The Girl until 2024

The 22-year-old striker is one of the important pieces in this Eternal Champions team, which earned his 14th title in its history. Despite the fact that his permanence in Macul was never in doubt, this Thursday the important news of his renewal was announced until December 2024.

As was said at the end of last season, one of the main objectives in the transfer window was to renew a good part of the champion squad. Therefore, it is expected that in the coming days the signatures of Antonia Alarcón, Yastin Jiménez, Rocío Soto, Francisca Mardones and Michelle Olivares to extend your bond.

Finally, after the departure of Antonia Canales to Spanish football, the main candidate to replace her is Ryann Torrero, despite the fact that the talks have cooled. Also, Yessenia Lopez and Yenny Acuna they like them in Macul to sign them in this market.