Tin Hearts mouse brings his tin soldiers to life on video

Inspired by the Lemmings, Tin Hearts still has a new starting scenario and will only arrive in 2023. So that we have patience until then, the English developers of Rogue Sun offer us to discover a new video that shows Albert Butterworth, an inventor of the time victorian.

Announced over a year and a half ago, Tin Hearts joue les timides when it comes to talking about him. The title developed by the Rogue Sun studio, founded by former Lionhead members, proved convincing during its appearance at E3 2022 with a gameplay trailer that showed off a large number of old games, with a release scheduled for this year.

Unfortunately, you have to be a little more patient, since the British publisher Wired Productions presents us with a new video of the game and explains that the title is planned for 2023. On the same occasion, we discovered a new facet of Albert Butterworthan inventor of our little tin soldiers that the player can control in the game. Between family life and creations inspired by the Victorian era, the player will be able to enjoy a worked scenario.

We hope you won’t have to wait long to enjoy this interesting title. you must remember the cult franchise of the Lemmings aux plus anciens.