Tiley: “We would like to welcome Djokovic”

Craig Tileydirector of the Australian Open of tennis, the first ‘Grand Slam’ of the season analyzed the situation of the Serbian and his options to play in the next Australian Open after not being able to do it in this 2022 not being vaccinated.

The nine-time champion in Melbourne could not compete this year in the ‘big’ ocean because he was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. The one from Belgrade managed to land on Australian soil, but after being arrested, he was finally deported and could not defend his title.

Craig Tiley During the presentation of the novelties for the ‘Grand Slam’, in statements collected by the Australian press, he stressed that it will be the “final decision” of the Government of his country to allow the Serbian Novak Djokovic to participate in the 2023 edition. The director of the first Major He recalled that the presence or not of the Serb “is a private matter” between him and the authorities. He also assured that the Russian and Belarusian players should have no problem participating, despite the fact that they were controversially excluded from Wimbledon.

government decision

“What we are saying at this time is that Novak and the Federal Government must resolve the situation, and from there we will follow any instructions. I spent some time with Novak in the Laver Cup and told me that obviously he would love to go back to Australia, but knows that it will be a final decision of the Federal Government”.

Djokovic’s presence

We would like to welcome Novak, is a nine-time champion here. There is a registration deadline in December, so you will have to meet that deadline.”

Participation of Russian and Belarusian tennis players

“Like any other player, they will have to go through a visa application process. The only difference would be that they cannot represent Russia. They cannot represent the flag of Russia and they have to play as neutral independent players, but they will be welcome to the Australian Open in January.