“Those from Below we fed you”: Miguel Pinto’s eventful match against “U”

This Wednesday afternoon, at the CAP in Talcahuano, during the Copa Chile semifinal first leg between Universidad de Chile and Unión Española, there was an unexpected protagonist.

This is Miguel Pinto, a Hispanic goalkeeper trained in the blues, a squad of which he was captain and champion in 2009, who had a “brave” reunion with the “Bulla” fans.

It happens that from the beginning of the match, every time the goalkeeper touched the ball, from the stands, crowded with fans of the “Romantic Traveler”, blunders and all kinds of epithets against him were heard. Of course, they still haven’t forgiven him for putting on the Colo Colo shirt in 2020 after playing nine years in the “U”.

In fact, shortly after, the anger turned into a song, which was heard repeatedly during the process: “Pinto, conch…, Los de Abajo we fed you!”.

Also, from the gallery, on more than one occasion they threw coins and streamers at him. Moreover, in the second fraction, the commitment stopped for a few minutes to calm down the blue fans over the loudspeaker…

At the end of the match, there was another action: Lucas Assadi had the chance to open the account, but he preferred to give the ball to his teammate, Cristian Palacios, and the pass was very long. Given this, the goalkeeper mocked him and insulted him, causing the reaction of the young midfielder and his teammates.

The insults towards Pinto also spread to social networks, where there was no mercy: