“This man was red”: the love prediction of a tarot reader who left Neme busy marking

Tarot reader Katy Szabo was in Nice to meet you (Mega) to deliver some predictions of what’s to come for 2023.

He was even encouraged to delve into the intimate life of the driver José Antonio Neme, by analyzing the letters and inquiring into the journalist’s heart.

“He tells me that you were very disappointed a while ago regarding a situation that they promised you, and they did not fulfill you, because you are a man of your word,” she launched.

“Exactly,” Neme replied, according to Página 7.

Then, the tarot reader continued with her diagnosis: “Today you are at a stage making decisions, both work, emotional and internal”; in fact, she advanced her, “the letters tell me that many movements are coming for you.”

In that, his driving partner, Karen Doggenweiler, chimed in: “Is José in love?”

“I don’t know if he’s in love,” Katy replied. “There is a kind of confusion, but he wants to do the right and perfect things; he thinks ‘I’m in love, but will he go on or will it work out?’”, therefore, “all those doubts block him”.

Did it bother you?

At those words, the cheerleader consulted Neme directly:

“Jose, are you okay?”

“Let’s ask about the best job,” he replied in an attempt to change the subject.

There the tarotist launched:

—This man was red, bring a fan, please. He’s going to hate me.” Then he added by way of carving, “Are you sure you’re not going to hate me? Then, off camera, you slap me.

By way of closure, the woman stated: “It doesn’t mean that I’m not in love, but he’s such a perfectionist”, which leads to “in that sense he suddenly becomes self-conscious, and says ‘I better not take this step'”.

Finally, “you helped him get out of a situation where he was very bad,” he finished with respect to the couple in question. “That’s why he told you: deep down you’re there, but love is there, love exists.”