This is what Super Mario Bros. The Movie would look like if it were a Nintendo 64 game

In the late eighties and early nineties Mario became a true legend of two-dimensional games and in the king of platforms, but the inevitable moment came when he had to make the leap to three dimensions. The graphics of Super Mario 64 They might look a bit strange these days, but 22 years ago when we first saw Polygonal Mario moving in a three-dimensional plane, it blew our minds.

rendering Tribute to the classic Nintendo 64 game King Bob Gaming channel made a recreation of the second trailer of Super Mario Bros. The Movie using the game models and graphics as Super Mario Bros 64 Y Mario Kart 64with a most interesting result.

Although it omits some of the references that we find in the trailer for the film, is well worth it when limited to the graphics of the Nintendo 64 games.

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