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After the pandemic hit Covid-19, we turn our activities to applications more frequently. That way, platforms like WhatsApp, and social networks like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook boosted their popularity. In fact, the instant messaging service WhatsAppis one of the most used tools in the world with multiple functions, such as the popular states.

The The number of active users on WhatsApp has already exceeded two and a half billion. This positions it on the podium of instant messaging apps. Therefore, that same boom is taken advantage of by the developers of WhatsApp for implement new tools and optimize existing ones. states of WhatsApp make up one of its most used functions.

They were released in the tool in 2017, inspired by other apps such as Snapchat. The difference is that here, we can see the publications of our WhatsApp contacts and vice versa.

Because of its popularity, from WhatsApp they always aim to improve their states, although now there are rumors that speak of his supposed disappearance.