This is Project Carol, a cushion for your Razer gaming chair with sound and haptic vibration

Razer also presented during CES 2023 a curious innovation that you will surely want in your possession, “Project Carol”, The world’s first head cushion with surround sound and haptic vibration, designed to take us to a new world of audio and immersion.

“Project Carol” is the latest concept art from Razer’s innovative R&D department, a team dedicated to exploring new product designs, leading the way for new Razer products, and winner of multiple “CES Innovation” and “ Best of Show” in recent years.

About Project Carol, much more than just a cushion

Project Carol takes immersion and realism to new heights with its clever use of near-field surround sound for clear, pure audio, along with a 7.1 surround sound for a gaming experience on another level.

Unlike traditional speakers, “Project Carol” near-field surround sound provides more direct audio, resulting in a more immersive soundscape.

“Project Carol” is powered by the award-winning Razer HyperSense technology. The cushion turns the sounds of the game into real-time haptic feedback, allowing gamers to feel everything behind them, placing them firmly in the middle of the action.

“Project Carol” is natively compatible with PC and is designed to fit all gaming chairs, including the popular Razer Iskur and Enki chairs, via adjustable elastic straps. Once connected via 2.4 GHz wireless connection, “Project Carol” provides up to 8 hours of gameplay before charging.

Its release date and price are still unknown, although you can discover more information on their official website.