This is how they criticize Arturo Vidal in Brazil: “He is a former player”

The start of the 2023 season was not the best for the flamenco. In the framework of the Brazilian Super Cup, Mengao ended up losing 4-3 against Palmeiras at the start of the season. A result that was opaque for both Arturo Vidal and Erick Pulgar.

Of course, on balance, the King was the one who ended up receiving the harshest criticism. Thus, the journalist Renato Maurício Prado commented on the YouTube channel Ilan and Renato that the level of the national team is low and even ventured that he should not continue in the team.

Flamengo’s bench is weak. At the end of the first part I thought about who Vitor Pereira could put in to change the game. No one”, he pointed out, considering that Vidal was one of the alternatives for the duel and ended up entering the 80s.

In any case, the Brazilian journalist does not see it at its best level, and launched that “Vidal is an active former player. He has nothing left to deliver”. He furthermore added later that “Flamengo have to get rid of him”.

On the other hand, in the comparison between Chileans, he placed Erick Pulgar as an option for the team coach to consider him more. “Vitor Pereira put Vidal on the field and left Pulgar on the bench”.

Of course, Vidal was not the only one to receive criticism. He also had words for Everton Cebolinha. “He’s not going to figure it out. To me, he looks more and more like Luan. He had a good season, but that’s it.”

Another player he saw at a low level was David Luiz. “It was very bad today. Endrick took a dribble that I thought would break his spine. Fabrício Bruno has to become a starter, since he is younger and faster”, he expressed.

Finally, he ended by calling on the club’s leaders to look for new players that will allow Flamengo to continue at the top. “The cast is not as good as they think. It needs adjustments, but also new players. Let’s see if the board moves“, hill.

Now Flamengo must prepare to face the Club World Cup that will take place in Morocco starting on Wednesday. In this instance, Mengao awaits a rival to face one of the semifinals on Tuesday, February 7, which will come out as the winner between Moroccan Wydad and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal.