This is how the Apple Arcade gaming platform advances

Three years later, apple-arcade continues to work with world-class developers, acclaimed creators and respected independent developers to add new games and content updates on a weekly basis, growing and evolving the catalog to offer gamers a continually fresh selection of new and fun games to play at all times. favorite Apple devices.

This September, Apple Arcade will announce six new games coming soon to the service.

Created by award-winning actor, producer and director Tom Hanks, Hanx101 Trivia is Hank’s first game and was created as a way to share his love and passion for trivia. Test your knowledge with a wide variety of categories and multiple game modes and become the ultimate trivia master. The game launches this Friday, exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Later in the same month, we went full throttle with Horizon Chase 2, the next installment in the award-winning arcade racing franchise; sit back, relax, and grow your garden one puzzle at a time in Garden Tails: Match and Grow from PlayDots (makers of the hit meditative puzzle game, Two Dots); Grab your trusty Shovel Blade and join Shovel Knight Dig on an exciting new adventure.

In addition to these fun Arcade Originals, we also have the stunningly beautiful GRIS+ that will be joining the service in September.

Remember that GRIS, winner of the 2019 App Store in the category of Best Game of the Year for Mac, is a masterpiece in visualization and storytelling

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