“This is a typical Chilean patronal house”: Loreto Aravena was surprised to show his family’s spacious home in Pirque

This Saturday a new chapter of The Divine Food which featured Loreto Aravena, Pía Guzmán, César Caillet and Sergio “Panqueque” Domínguez as guests.

The first to open the doors of her house was the interpreter of the 80swho received the other guests at his family’s home in Pirque.

“It is the house of my father and his family, so it has a lot of family history,” explained Loreto when welcoming him to the program team.

The actress then showed a sewing machine that had been in her house for a long time and also shared photos of her paternal grandmother, Lali, who died when Loreto was only 8 years old.

“This is a typical old Chilean patron house, it is made of adobe. I wanted to do it here because this house is huge, so many people can fit in it”, explained the actress.

Of course, he commented that he had brought some things from home. She showed a souvenir from Mexico and also some awards that she has won throughout her career as an actress.

Later, Loreto also wanted to show the apartment where she lives, so she shared some images that she recorded herself. She showed off the mementos she has brought back from her travels, the ashes of her dogs and her large vinyl collection.