“This hue… is short”: Jordan 23 explains robbery of Pailita’s team that would involve his cameraman

Jordan 23 decided to break the silence after the complaint of a robbery to Pailita that, indirectly, involves him.

According to the background, the event occurred last weekend, during the show held at the Quinta Vergara in Viña del Mar.

As detailed The Star of Valparaisoafter the presentation of the artist from Puntarenas, the theft by his team was reported: it was a banana that supposedly contained a total of $3 million.

Alerted to this situation, Carabineros personnel saw a man throw a cell phone on La Marina Avenue, and then escape in a vehicle. When picking up the mobile, police personnel contacted Pailita’s representative, who confirmed the crime.

It was in this context that the affected team targeted the cameraman from Jordan 23. Thus, the alleged perpetrator voluntarily presented himself at the First Police Station, and was arrested.

Speak Jordan 23

Aware of this information, Jordan 23 broke the silence through an Instagram live.

“For all my fans who have spoken to me, this hue… is short: I have a photographer who records videos of me for the shows, but he’s not from my band, he’s not my family or my partner. I pay him to go record my show and it was, ”the artist started by telling.

Then, he explained that “on Monday, in Viña, I hired the machucao and everything was fine, but when the show ended, Pailita’s manager came and asked him to record the show for Pailita and they took him on stage with him. From there to there, I have nothing to do with it”.

“They say that the bag had four million, now in the news they say that three million and now I just called the cameraman and he tells me that the cops told him that there were four shrimp in the bag,” he continued.

Finally, he clarified that “everything is fine, even that same day Pailita called me, he drove me crazy, he told me he had a video … now they say there is no video. Maybe they throw the pelá at us because we come from a town, but nothing happens”.

Finally, both artists starred in a live and clarified that there is pure good vibes.