They swear that Ben Affleck would be flat of his marriage with Jennifer Lopez

Rumors of fights between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are very strong among the entertainment media. And it seems that the stars would be going through a great marital crisis.

It was the actor himself who said that “he is fed up”, while the Diva from the Bronx would be “terrified” by this situation, since the protagonist of Batman left the mansion they shared in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

What is the cause of the conflict?

Apparently, the Hollywood heartthrob promised to quit smoking, but as the arguments between the couple grow, Ben has increased his habit, which would have outraged the singer.

According to sources close to the couple, the artist explained that she does not support this behavior since she is a fitness woman, and that this bad habit is not compatible with her enviable lifestyle.

On the other hand, after the second marriage that had three days of celebration, Jennifer is told that she would have become very “controlling” with her husband, all because she helps him choose clothes and advises him on what to wear or buy.

However, it seems that what really bothers Affleck is that the interpreter would be super focused on her professional projects, so she would not be giving him the attention he wants. But as JLo said in her song “Ain’t Your Mama”: “I’m not your mom.”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez