“They stabbed you from behind…”: Mauricio Pinilla opened up and stated that he was the victim of betrayal on TVN

Mauricio Pinilla spoke with Angélica Castro on the program Trends of Radio Agricultura, where he made several defenses regarding the controversies that he has starred in recently.

Along with throwing everything against a journalist -who did not name-the former soccer player also spoke about his time on TVN and assured that he was a victim of betrayal on the “everyone’s channel.”

The ex-driver of Have a good weekend He confessed that he had “several surprises” after all the rumors that arose last year about him.

“Suddenly, people with whom you had confidence, but later you realized that they were stabbing you from behind and they told you about your things, what you talked about in the corridor, as a team,” he recounted.

After this, he said that “later we had a couple of meetings and people from the channel said ‘we are putting stones among ourselves’, and there was an alert call for people from the TVN teams, but hey, they were resolved.”

Angelica then asked him if he had faced the person who had betrayed him. “The truth is that he had so many things on his mind that he preferred to turn his head and cancel that person. I didn’t have time to give myself bad blood, I had a lot of complications, ”she revealed.

“I was contaminated a lot this year”

Mauricio commented that he told it because “sometimes one says that in soccer one finds different environments, some bad tempers, and everything, and television in the end is the same.”

“Once they said that I had problems even with the TVN guards, they adored me, I would go down and hug them. I said ‘but who invented this stupid thing?’. And it was because there were people who were a little jealous of what TVN gave me, ”she assured.

The former soccer player then revealed that “they contaminated me a lot this year with various lies.”

“I realized as an old man (…) that you cannot trust everyone because beyond the fact that you can be a good person, supportive, cheerful or deliver good vibes or good energy, there is always someone behind who is not happy with your success,” he confessed.

Along the same lines, he added that “I consider myself a good person and, based on that, I have seen myself betrayed many times, especially in recent times when news has been published in the media.”

“I can assure you that 90% have been lies, that my lawyers are working in all the judicial processes,” Pinilla sentenced, adding that her children have been “vulnerated” by the controversies.