They reveal that Capcom planned six seasons for Street Fighter V

Despite Street Fighter V we could consider that it has had a long and profitable life since its launch in 2016 and its latest content released in March 2022, Capcom had plans to make the game even longer.

And it is that in an interview Game Informer the director Takayuki Nakayama revealed that initially the Japanese company had planned no less than six seasons for the popular fighting game, which finally stayed at four before taking the numerical leap and announcing Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter V had two more seasons planned that went to limbo

As we have been able to learn through the interview, Capcom had planned six seasons in total for Street Fighter V, but the reception of the game and the data from the last few seasons made him rethink the idea.

The Japanese company finally chose to launch a fifth season that would serve as a “bridge” with SF6, so that already in it Luke was presented as a character with a lot of weight for the next installmentas it finally has been.

Nakayama said that Capcom had a lot of ideas and features planned for Street Fighter V, but they were ultimately unable to carry them out:

There were originally six seasons planned for Street Fighter 5, but eventually the plans changed and we were told we could only do Season 4.

SFV enjoyed numerous major updates, such as “A Shadow Falls” which added the long-awaited (and much criticized for its initial absence) Story Mode, and would later see the release of an Arcade Edition in 2018 and a Champion Edition in 2020.

Versions that added a large number of characters, modes (such as Arcade or Extra Battle), new settings, mechanics, and more.

Surely many of these ideas will be embodied in Street Fighter 6the game that will arrive on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series on June 2, and that we have been fortunate to test thanks to its beta whose impressions you can find here.