They reveal details of who could be the woman with whom Harry “lost his virginity” in a “humiliating” way

The leak of the memories that Prince Harry will publish next Tuesday, January 10, continues to cause a stir around the world.

It should be remembered that the Duke of Sussex wrote in “Spare” -which in Spanish will be sold under the title “En la sombra”- how she “lost her virginity” and that it was “a humiliating episode”.

Among the intimate details he gave, he said he was with “an older woman” who “loved horses very much”, and that she even “whipped” him.


Who will it be?

Although it was initially thought who was british actress elizabeth hurley, she denied it in a recent interview. “I do not. I’m not guilty. Absolutely not,” she told the Sunday Times last December.

So now all eyes are on former model and CEO of England’s Cotswold Airport, Suzannah Harvey.

The New York Post contacted Harvey, but she declined to comment. However, the outlet dusted off an old interview that she gave in 2002.

The beautiful blonde is six years older than Harry and told the Daily Mail that she had a sexual encounter with the prince when he was a teenager.

Suzannah Harvey then and now by New York Post.
Suzannah Harvey then and now by New York Post.

It was the Beaufort Hunt Christmas Ball and Harry had set eyes on her, they flirted and went quietly outside. “It was really cute, but while we were kissing, I started to worry that his bodyguards were looking for him. I didn’t want to get him in trouble,” said the former model.

“He is a wild child, he treated me like a grown man. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me towards him. I felt as if his hands were encircling my entire waist”, he added, describing his kisses as “full of passion”.

And he finished by saying: “It was very hot, he was touching my butt … he definitely had experience in handling a woman.”

Suzannah Harvey and Harry by New York Post.
Suzannah Harvey and Harry by New York Post.

Harry’s history

While it is not known if she was the mystery girl who was with Harry, the duke has been linked to a variety of older women over the years:

TV personality Caroline Flack, six years his senior; presenter Natalie Pinkham, seven years older than him; former “Real Housewives” star Catherine Ommanney, 13 years her senior; and even his wife Meghan, who is three years older than him.

The pub owner knows everything

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Franck Ortet, the former owner of the Rattlebone Inn pub – believed to be the one Harry mentioned in his book – released that he knows who the “whipping” woman is.

“I won’t name her, but she was socially from his world, so she wasn’t intimidated by Harry or his status,” he revealed.

“They used to play drinking games together. They once took turns having a ‘snake bite and black’, a combination of beer, cider and black currant,” she added.

But Ortet claimed that he “never saw Harry kiss a girl” as he was “very careful who he was seen with” even though he never lacked for “female fans”.

Rattlebone Inn by New York Post.
Rattlebone Inn by New York Post.