“They remind me so much of Alison and me…”: the comment that Pedro Ruminot had to explain to Repenning and Priscilla Vargas

“Life invites you to discover new things,” commented José Luis Repenning in a new chapter of grill partners (Channel 13) with Priscilla Vagas.

In fact, he admitted that “I did not believe in friendship between a man and a woman.” Of course, “with the ‘Pri’ we have been given over the years, but I come from a more or less caveman matrix.”

That said, after a moment of silence, Pedro Ruminot decided to chime in: “Oh, they remind me so much of Alison (Mandel) and me,” alluding to the comedian, who has been his wife for a few years now and they share a child.

“Because we were co-workers, and we were also friends,” he explained. “And at one point we said ‘mmm, look, ah’, and suddenly…”, implying that friendship began to be confused with something else.

He immediately clarified that “I am not saying that it will happen with you.” However, “I am saying that at one point we worked a lot, we were there together and one day she told me ‘hey, I went out with such a rooster’; and I, fury, the Pedro of the past came out, who was different, ”she launched into the jealousy that appeared to her.

“But it reminds me a lot of their friendship,” he concluded.

Then as a carving, he closed: “Now we are no longer friends, we got married, we don’t get along so well.”

Check the statements here (25:49)