they plan to join forces to force Twitch to ban them

“Twitch for betting”this is the slogan that hundreds of users have been using on social networks for days, with the support of some of the streamers strongest Americans.

The problem with the live game has been growing more and more in recent months, with some of its protagonists like xQc even revealing that they have a severe gambling problem.

More and more creators are playing on platforms on-line in their emissions, and many of them they earn incredible amounts of money by being sponsored in a hidden way for the brand. Therefore, there are many who want to stop this content before it seriously affects their audience.

Mizkif has been one of the most vocal about the problem and last afternoon, in a live show with more colleagues, he reflected on those who defend gambling, commenting that “it’s not that bad.”

“Why does the company give you millions of dollars a month to market the game?” He angrily commented: “It’s because You give them millions and millions of dollars in revenue from your viewers who come to watch you and now they’re gamers.”

Therefore, he argues that “removing betting from Twitch would make it less accessible and engaging for viewers”. A measure that hundreds have requested in recent months after the platform, instead of punishing it, gave them their own category.

Along with Pokimane and Devin Nash, they have started to come up with a plan where they want to include as many great creators as possible and all agree to not be live for a weekor more, impacting Twitch profits. “We could do it at Christmas, which is when they need money from advertisers the most”Have proposed.

An opportunity that is still developing, but that shows that they are seriously committed to getting the platform is safer for the young people who consume it.


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