They manage to run Doom in the notepad at 60 FPS

Doom can run everywhere. One user bragged that he ran the original Doom in Windows Notepad.

Have you ever heard the famous phrase “Doom can run everywhere”? Well, this week, this phrase became important again since a seasoned gamer achieved something unthinkable: he ran the Original Doom in Windows Notepad.

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As anyone who has ever touched a computer knows, Windows Notepad is an application for creating and editing plain text documents. Well, Twitter user Samperson shared a video in which he boasts that he managed to run Doom on this software at 60 frames per second (FPS).

“I’ve gotten Doom to work within Notepad at 60fps. The images are not sped up, I haven’t modified the notepad code at all, this is fully playable live interactive, zero fakes. This is exactly what it sounds like,” the user said.

Unfortunately, Samperson didn’t share any more details about how he accomplished this feat. Of course, the user confirmed that he will make the file with which Doom can be played in the notebook available to the entire community. Thus, anyone who has Windows will be able to play this video game classic in a much simpler way.

“Finally, I have created the ideal way to play doom. No problem. I’ll post it later,” Samperson said.

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The community continues to look for new ways to break software by installing the original Doom on it. You have to remember that people have managed to run this game on a phone, said disk, in an ATM, in a small LEGO block and even in a Twitter application. All crazy.

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