“They made me a scam more or less”: Mario Velasco revealed details of his departure from the morning Good Morning Everyone

Mario Velasco is the current animator of Star Zonebut before reaching the cable channel he went through several television programs.

The television host recounted in detail his departure from the morning of TVN, Good morning to allwhich ended with his dismissal.

“I had a problem there, I have said it publicly, they made me a scam more or less that had to do with my contract”, he sentenced.

The communicator spoke with TimeXabout the reasons that led him to leave the morning of the television signal.

“I had been away from TV for a while and to return to television you have to guarantee me at least one year no matter what happens.” And for a reason that the contract was not signed, it was not signed, I had been working for two months and, suddenly, they came into the studio, handed me the contract in commercials and I grabbed it and, in good faith and in good faith… , I did not have it re-vised by a lawyer or I did not review it again. I signed it and returned it in the same commercial,” the communicator began.

After this episode, the “amphibian” said that he was released without prior notice.

“And when they fire me I talk to my boss and say: But how? If we agreed that… if they fired me after four months and the contract was for one year,’” he added.

“And there they began to pass the ball among all the executives and the truth was disgusting because I perfectly have the names of each one of them. At some point I know that life is round and I know that those kinds of things are not done, ”she manifested.

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