“They like adrenaline”: members of the Backstreet Boys are caught in the middle of Santiago Centro

Backstreet Boys is unleashing euphoria in their fans just as they did in 1998, the first time they set foot on national soil to perform at the Viña del Mar Festival.

In fact, after 25 years, today they return to the Garden City to do a concert as part of his DNA World Tour, at Sausalito Stadium.

The members of one of the most important boy bands in the history of pop, landed during the day of this Tuesday, January 31 in Chile, after their presentation in Brazil.

And immediately, two of its members, AJ. McLean and Brian Littrell, visited a gallery on Ignacio de Loyola street, near the Moneda subway in downtown Santiago.

And although it is not known what exactly they were buying, some passers-by and tenants were lucky enough to see them and be photographed with them.

“They like adrenaline”, “They are in a gallery in the center and the mortals are shopping in Alto las Condes”, “They are going to coggle them”, “Luckily nothing happened to them”; were some of the reactions in networks.

There are still tickets available

You can get the latest available tickets through the Ticketmaster system. Remember that only Front Court ($128,150 value with charge included) and General Court ($69,900 value with charge included) are available for general sale.

February 28, 2019/VIÑA DEL MAR Backstreet Boys during the fifth night of the Viña del Mar Festival 2019 PHOTO: MARIO DAVILA/AGENCIAUNO