“They kicked him out”: the story of La Roja reacts to the absence of Claudio Bravo on Eduardo Berizzo’s list

just when it came up a test that can be key for Chile to go to the World Cupthe Selection also shuddered in another sense. Eduardo Berizzo delivered the payroll with which he will face the friendlies against Morocco and Qatar, the first in which he will use a stellar formation. On that payroll the big news is the absence of Claudio Bravocaptain of La Roja in the 2010 and 2014 World Cups and in obtaining the Copa América in 2015 and 2016 and, until now, the undisputed pillar of the Golden Generation.

Toto’s decision certainly produces everything except indifference. In fact, part of the story reacts to the most important measure that the new strategist of the National Team has taken since he took over to replace Martín Lasarte. “I saw last night that he wasn’t on the payroll. I thought he was injured. They kicked him out. He is a great goalkeeper, among the best in the history of Chile. I don’t know the reason why they didn’t call him. I have no idea if he owes some measure or some specific situation“, reply Sergio Navarrocaptain of the National Team that won third place in the 1962 World Cup.

Claudio Bravo does not fit into Eduardo Berizzo’s generational replacement project in La Roja. Photo: FRANCISCO LONGA/AGENCIAUNO

The former Red defender validates, yes, the choice made by the former River Plate defender. “I like Cortes. He is a young goalkeeper, he has responded 100 percent in Colo Colo. no one can complain. Now, if for Bravo there is another reason that is not known, I am one of those who do not know. Claudio is a very good goalkeeper. I would call him, because, first of all, the serious mistake he made with his mouth, when he revealed part of the intimacy of the National Team to his family, which was very wrong, he has made up for it with his performances as a soccer player.. On the court he has responded perfectly to what they asked him to do: defend the national goal. He is very good, ”he maintains.

Roberto Rojas, idol of Bravo, chooses to subtract intensity from the determination. “The coach has the possibility to see players. Bravo, Vidal or Sánchez and what are they going to show. Everybody knows their level”, maintains the Condor.

In this context, and inspired by his role as coach, the Condor prefers to understand the decision. “Since it is a process again, you have the possibility to see young players. It’s part of the process, nothing more”, sentence.

Colo Colo vs Selection of Stars
Roberto Rojas, in the tribute that Colo Colo paid him in 2013.

Of course, it establishes that the validity of the goalkeeper for the national team is not under discussion. “JPlayers like Bravo have a lot of gas to be in the National Team“, He says. And he justifies in the nature of this month’s meetings his consent in the face of Berizzo’s determination. “If it were a list that is going to play the Copa América or start the Qualifiers, that would be a reason to worry.. In friendlies you have to see players who can respond. You have the possibility to do it, to try. If he doesn’t do it in friendlies, when will he see them?”, he concludes.

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