They improve method that would detect earthquakes days in advance

An investigation by American engineers studying earthquakes in California discovered detectable changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

scientists from USA what are you studying earthquakes in California discovered detectable changes in the local magnetic field that occur between two and three days before an earthquake.

The research, recently published in the specialized journal Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earthfound that the signal of this magnetic field change is weak, but statistically significant. Seismologists hope their technique can be perfected to eventually help forecast earthquakes.

The study was conducted by QuakeFinder, an earthquake research center in Stellar Solutions, a systems engineering services company. This one examined the precursors of electromagnetic earthquakes that cover the main faults in California from 2005 to 2018.

The main finding of the research is that these predictive indications in the Earth’s magnetic field can be identified several days before an earthquake medium to high intensity.

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The company, so far, describes this study as the largest and ever published on electromagnetic earthquake precursors“and it’s quite an exciting development for our team that has been hard at work collecting and analyzing this data for over 15 years.”

The data studied relegates previously published research by more than an order of magnitude and suggests, with a confidence of 98.6%, that the magnetic field exhibits a precursor behavior in the period from four to 12 days before the earthquakes. While this aspect is not yet accurate enough to forecast individual earthquakes, the research suggests that the results will be optimized with improved signal processing.

“It’s a modest sign,” said study co-author Dan Schneider, adding that “We are not claiming that this signal exists before every earthquake, but it is very intriguing”.

Currently the systems Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) At best, based on seismic observations, they provide seconds of warning before earthquakes.

QuakeFinder’s work aims to turn the forecast of earthquakes into an attainable objectso its engineers continue to advance statistically valid research.

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