“They have asked me to lose 10 kilos in a month”: Yamila Reyna revealed the harsh demands she suffered to work on TV

The actress and comedian Yamila Reyna surprised after revealing in her program on TVN, Hoy se Habla, a curious request about her physical appearance that producers asked her to join national teleseries.

The new face of the channel referred to the event after, together with her companions Margot Kahl, María Eelena Dressel and Lady Ganga, they addressed the ugly comments that the Argentine artist Tini Stoessel received from TV animators in Paraguay who made fun of her belly button.

“Social networks are very brave, and this environment where we work is also very brave,” said Yamila Reyna, surprising with her remarks.

“I have been required to lose weight”

“It has touched me as an actress many times, by contract, they have required me to lose weight in some projects,” confessed the trans-Andean woman.

“I am 1.73 meters tall, I weigh 70 kilos and they have asked me to lose 10 kilos in a month. It is the demand of the medium that has been changing over time,” said Reyna. “There are comments of ‘she’s fat, she’s old.’ I will always advocate that we are what we are and we must accept ourselves as we are, ”she said.

“That’s your body and that’s how you are. Do not deny him, accept him and live as healthy as possible, which is what matters, “added Yamila Reyna, who also He referred to the insecurity suffered by his partner Mono Sánchez for comments about his physiquesurprising with his statements.