They got tired: Camilo and Evaluna clarified the rumors that Indigo is non-binary

Camilo and Evaluna decided to end the rumors that were circulating about Indigo, which said that they recognized her as non-binary.

The event generated various controversies and reactions from people, where it was even said that the couple was crossing a crisis in their marriage over this issue.

To get out of the problem, the Colombian uploaded a story on Instagram and Twitter, which he prepared together with the actress to deny all the accusations.

“Several days ago we have been receiving a mouthful of questions and intensity from the media and especially from gossip programs about an alleged news that claimed that we had decided that our daughter would be recognized as non-binary,” he began.

Along these lines, he added that “we deeply respect the people who make this decision, but it is not our case. They took out of context some videos of interviews where we referred to Indigo in a neutral way because the day he was born we never knew his sex because we never did an ultrasound ”.

About hate messages

The couple also had words for people who commented on hate messages, thus showing solidarity with people who are condemned for the way they are perceived.

“We plan not to pronounce ourselves on the matter, and let it pass, as we have done the 50 times that they have said that our marriage is in crisis, that we are going to get divorced, etc, etc. But we found the amount of hateful and judgmental messages we received disturbing,” he commented.

“And we began to think about how people in the LGBTQ+ community might feel, for example, in the face of a world that points at them, judging them, with fingers pointing and condemning. Imagine how intense and complex it can be for a person going through such a recognition process, and finding themselves with a society full of stones in their hands waiting for the first sign to throw them”, confessed Camilo.

Finally, the singer closed by saying that “we believe and strive to create a world and a future where we invent more ways to love each other, to recognize each other, to respect each other and to embrace each other with our differences. We send you a hug, a hug from the soul and from the center of our family nucleus. Camilo, Evaluna and Indigo”.