They find the father of Arturo Vidal dead in the Equestrian Club

Arturo vidal suffers a severe blow. His father, Erasmo, was found dead in the facilities of the Club Hípico de Santiago, where the current Flamengo midfielder owns horses. The causes of death are still under investigation..

According to preliminary versions, Erasmo Vidal suffered a decompensation while he was at the racetrack, for which he had to be treated by the establishment’s emergency teams. However, attempts to save his life were insufficient. A cardiorespiratory arrest due to hypovolemic shock finally caused his death. The incident occurred around 9:15 a.m.

The Equestrian Club of Santiago lamented the death through an official statement that highlights the closeness of Erasmo Vidal with the activity. “During morning hours Don Erasmo Vidal was found inside the enclosure by the security company that provides services to our institution. Realizing that the person was not in good health, they contacted paramedics who work inside the compound who came to provide first attention and immediately requested emergency assistance from SAMU medical personnel.“, slogan, in the first instance.

“Upon arrival at the place, the The ambulance delivered first aid, trying to revive him, since his condition was worsening, determining cardiorespiratory arrest and hypovolemic shock. Unfortunately after the arrival of SAMU, Don Erasmo passed away“, Add.

“Faced with this unfortunate situation, Club Hípico de Santiago extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Don Erasmo, who was linked to our activity in different ways for a long time”, slogan.

Erasmo Vidal, the first, on the left, in an image from the beginning of Arturo Vidal’s career, in Colo Colo (Photo: La Cuarta)

Football player had a distant relationship with his father. In 2016, in fact, Erasmo Vidal generated news for police matters.

Although the midfielder offered him some financial help, the emotional bond between the two practically did not exist. footballer no.or forgave him the abandonment in which he was plunged into for a large part of his lifewhich forced him to assume the responsibility of bringing his family forward, along with his mother, Jacqueline Pardo.