They find Luis Miguel’s mother

Much has been speculated about the disappearance of Luis Miguel’s mother: It is perhaps the greatest mystery in the singer’s life, in addition to his greatest torment, his wound that has never closed.

Much has been theorized about it: since she was ordered to be killed by her partner, fellow singer Luisito Rey -who subjected her to serious episodes of violence- until she has been seen wandering aimlessly and living on the streets of Buenos Aires, which in any case was discarded. She also told herself that she had been in a psychiatric hospital for decades.

However, new clues would now have emerged regarding the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri. As reported by TV y Novelas magazine, in February the singer’s brother, businessman Alejandro Basteri, told his close circle that he had found the remains of her mother.

Supposedly, the body would be in a mass grave in Spain and the magazine stated that from a very good source it is known that the brothers will have to go to undergo DNA tests, and thus verify the relationship.

Since 1986 the whereabouts of the Italian has been unknown, despite the fact that El Sol put all the means to find hereven hiring a Mossad private investigator.

The last thing that was known about Marcela Basteri was in the 1980s, when she decided to separate from Luis Miguel’s father and live in Spain with her youngest son.

As for the last time Luis Miguel saw his mother, there are two versions; one in which it is noted that it was at a concert of his son in Luna Park, Buenos Aires, when El Sol was only 15 years old.

Although there is another version by one of the managers of “Micky”, Jaime Vas, who said that the singer’s final meeting with his mother was in 1986, at the Madrid Airport.