They file a class action lawsuit against Meta for tracking users on Apple phones

With the release of iOS 14.5 in April of last year, Apple finalized a major security update that put barriers to the monitoring that applications carry out on the behavior of their users. But despite that celebrated implementation, a new lawsuit contends that Metal, the conglomerate behind Facebook and Instagram, has continued to build a following in another way.

According to the portal techcrunch, the class action lawsuit was filed in California state court and alleges that Meta circumvented Apple’s restrictions and continued to monitor users through Facebook’s built-in browser. The latter opens the links within the social network itself. This also injects a code that opens the floodgates.

“Now, even when users do not consent to being tracked, Meta tracks Facebook users’ online activity and communications with external third-party websites by injecting JavaScript code into those sites. When users click a link within the Facebook app, Meta automatically directs them to the app’s browser it’s monitoring instead of the smartphone’s default browser, without telling users this is happening or that they’re being tracked. ”, they pose.

In that sense, the lawsuit alleges that Meta violates Apple policies and violates privacy laws at the state and federal level, including the Wiretapping Act, which made it illegal to intercept electronic communications without consent.

Keep in mind that social networks like Facebook rely on tracking user behavior to maximize their advertising revenue.

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